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Musing About Austin Golf

The late Ben White Driving Range was my driving range of choice. It's wasn't a lot of fun to hear the beep of construction equipment, but it had a great chipping area, the practice green was getting better but they lost their lease. Future generations will never experience "sending one between the goal posts" (or even know what that means). I don't have a replacement that's local so it's back to the whiffle balls.

There's GolfSmith of course. I'm also a huge fan of The Golf Shop. If you haven't checked them out do so.

I love cheap golf and thus I love the muni courses in Austin and Lions is my favorite. My objective is to eagle Hogan's hole some day. Sheesh, is that guy a challenge for me. I finally got down to the mid-70s on a regular basis, not because I'm a good golfer but because I knew the way out of ever trouble spot on the course so I switched over to Clay for a while. I must say that I missed the crew at Lions, everybody, grounds crew, pro shop staff, everybody, is top notch. I could name them all as people I'd like to consider friends and I'm now back to Lions on a regular basis.

I still try and play Clay and Kizer which are a bit further away from me but both are great courses. Clay confounds me, it seems very long, but it's not all that long, go figure. By comparison Kizer is a slam dunk, I usually shoot under my Clay score by at least four strokes. Just wish my muni discount card worked there.

When I'm in the neighborhood I enjoy Hancock. The greens seem to suffer with the summer heat and the traffic but it's golf and it calls for some interesting shot making.

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