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Austin Golf Club

I'm a muni guy but a friend who is a member invited me out to play. Wow, what a course.

Located north of 620 on 71 you may know the area. Rolling hills, some oak and not a lot of water. The concept is natural, the course follows the natural assets of the area and there's only a single hole where water could even come into play.

The killer is the rough and it is rough. Get outside of the fairway and you'll be lucky to find your ball. For straight hitters it's a dream, for someone a bit less accurate, well, I lost more balls in one outing at AGC than I have in the past year.

The course is maintained beyond description. Tee boxes are better than the carpet in my house. Fairways are a dream (so this is what a fairway should be like!) and while the greens had been recently aerated they were still fast by my standards, true and approach shots stopped on a dime. No rolling 10 feet on a well hit wedge shot, they just plain flat stuck. Most greens are uphill, you need to be short as putting downhill is very tricky as the greens were running about a 10.

It's a private club, I would expect the buy in to be fairly hefty, but an outstanding course, one that I'd like to play again. If there's ever a next time I'll keep the big dog in the bag and hit the 3 wood or the 3 iron and try and stay in the fairway. I might not score well but at least I won't lose as many balls! -- Don Watkins privacy policy    Copyright, 2004 by Don Watkins