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cheap driver that cured my sliceCheap (okay, inexpensive) Golf Clubs

Their clone driver solved my slice for a fraction of what the "brand" name would have cost me and they've expanded their line to include "clones" of many clubs (I now use their Cleveland wedge clones with great success and for $200 less than the "real" thing). I've yet to have a pro tell me to use anything else after they hit them. More info here.

the best golf ballThe Best Golf Ball

I "test" three golf balls and come up with a favorite. My favorite might not be the best for you but all of those I tested should be tried by mid-handicappers who like a soft feel ball and don't like paying more than $20 a dozen. Details here.

lions municipal golf courseEverything About Lions Municipal Golf Course

It's still under construction but it's far enough along to allow you a sneak peak. Get the inside
on everything Lions Muny; how to play it complete with images and notes, what's going on, tournaments and the like. Check it out here.

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